Package Bundles FAQ

FAQ for Package Bundles

What are Package Bundles?

A package bundle is a collection of two or more packages that can be pre-configured and used for provisioning a server.

What are Default Package Bundles?

Default Package Bundles are collections of packages specifically configured and put together by Bunnyshell to either serve a specific application (like Wordpress), or a generic function (like a web server). Check out the reference page:

Can I create my own Package Bundles?

Yes. Check out: Creating a Package Bundle‚Äč

Can I edit an existing Package Bundle?

Yes. Go to sidebar -> OPS -> Package Bundle, find the one of interest, hit the Action button on the right and chose Edit.

Can I use a Package Bundle on another operating system than the one it was created for?

No, Package Bundles are OS-dependent.

Can I use a Package Bundle on an existing server?

No, Package Bundles can only be used when creating a new server.