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FAQ for Servers

What is a server in Bunnyshell?

A Server is a Bunnyshell component representing one or more Cloud Instances that have identical configurations. Each one of the Instances is accessible via its public IP address. Find out more about servers in Bunnyshell by going to:

How do I create a server?

Check out the tutorial at:

How do I configure a server?

Check out our server settings page:

What is an Instance?

Instances are the virtual machines that are part of a Server.

How many instances can I create for a server?

For Single Infrastructure Type you will always have one Cloud Instance and for Load Balanced and Cluster you will have up to 50 instances. You may encounter cloud account limits that prevent you from creating a Server with a specific number of instances or scaling the Server. Check-out the following documentation:

How do I see the Instances of a Server?

Check-out the following link: Finding your Server Instances

Can I start, stop or restart an individual instance?

Bunnyshell does not yet support operating on specific or individual instances (like start/stop/restart) but we plan to add this feature in a future release.

What types of infrastructures can I create?

You can create the following infrastructure types:
  • Single: The Server has only one cloud instance
  • Load Balanced: The Server has multiple cloud instance and all traffic is load balanced by a cloud Load Balancer component.
  • Cluster: The Server has multiple cloud instances that are separately accessible and can communicate between them

What is an instance location?

Locations are geographic regions where a cloud's datacenter is located. As such, these are cloud specific. Usually choosing the nearest location to your end users is the safest choice.
Also when creating web servers and databases instances choose them in the same location to avoid latency.

What is a Master Instance?

Check out the following link: Master Instance

What operating systems are supported?

Bunnyshell supports the following distributions and releases:
  • Ubuntu
    • 16.04
    • 18.04
  • CentOS
    • 7.5

Can I change settings after the server is created?

Check out the settings that can be modified after server creation by going to: Changing Server Creation Settings

What cloud resources are supported?

Find out about supported cloud resources by going to: Cloud Resources Support
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