Accessing your Application
When Bunnyshell creates a new application it asks for an Application Domain. After the application is provisioned you may need to do some steps in order to access your application.

Accessing an Application created with a BunnyShell Domain

When Bunnyshell creates a new application it asks for an Application Domain. If not given, Bunnyshell assigns to the application a subdomain of
If this is the case, after the application was created, you can go to your Applications from the left menu and access it by clicking on the value under FQDN (fully qualified domain).
If the page is not loading, check the Troubleshoot section in order to solve the problem.

Accessing an Application created with a Custom Domain

If, however, you did add a custom application domain for your application, this guide explains what steps you may need to take in order to make your application respond to that domain.
We must associate the custom domain to the server IP address. You can find the Server IP in the Servers page from the left menu. Follow one of the two methods listed below:
  • If you own the Domain you entered and you are ready to put your application live, you need to add an A record to your DNS Service.
  • If you don't own the domain or you are migrating your website and are not yet ready to change the domain, you can associate the server IP and the application domain by editing the hosts file on your computer.

Editing /etc/hosts on Linux and MacOS

Replace the <server_ip> and <> variables in the command below and execute it in a terminal. You will be prompted for your password.
echo '<server_ip> <>' | sudo tee -a /etc/hosts

Editing /etc/hosts on Windows

Follow this guide to edit the hosts file on Windows.
To make the changes happen after editing the hosts file, and to avoid browser DNS caching, it's always a good idea to access the application in a new browser window or an incognito page.

Verifying that we are accessing the correct IP

It is always a good idea when preparing for an application migration to test that the domain is pointing to the correct IP.
In order to do so from the browser right click on the page and select Inspect/Inspect Element. Go to the Network tab and reload the page. Click on the first loaded url and check that the Remote Address is that of your Server.
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