Manage your Databases with Adminer


Replace phpMyAdmin with Adminer and you will get a cleaner user interface, better support for MySQL features, higher performance and more security. See detailed comparison.

Adminer can manage MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MS SQL and Oracle.

Accessing Adminer from Application Overview

For some One Click Applications, Bunnyshell automatically installs Adminer on your server. You can access it by going to Applications and clicking on your application. If Adminer was installed with your One Click Application you will find an Access Adminer button.

You can get the credentials from two places:

  • Application credentials: go to the Secrets tab on the Application view and find the credentials your application is using to access its database.

  • Go to the your Server page and click Packages & Config. Click on Update on your Database Package and Show Passwords. You can use the root password to access all databases.

Installing Adminer

If you don't have Adminer installed

  1. Go to the Servers page and click on your Server.

  2. Go to the Packages & Config tab and click Add Package.

  3. Add the Adminer package and hit Deploy.

  4. You now need to allow access for your IP. Adminer is configured to run on port 8082. Go to the Server Firewall tab and add a rule with allow TCP on port 8082 for your IP and click Deploy.

  5. Go the the Server Overview tab and get the your server FQDN.

  6. Access the Adminer application on https://<environment_fqdn>:8082