Accessing your website files with SFTP and Net2FTP


Net2FTP is a web based SFTP client. It's mainly aimed at managing websites using a browser. Edit code, upload/download files, copy/move/delete.


Accessing Net2FP from Application Overview

For some One Click Applications, Bunnyshell automatically installs Net2FTP on your server. You can access it by going to your Applications and clicking on your application. If Net2FTP was installed with your One Click Application, you will find an Access Net2FTP button. Get the required credentials from the Remote Access tab within the Application view.

Installing Net2FTP

If you don't have Net2FTP installed

  1. Go to the Servers page and click on your Server.

  2. Go to the Packages & Config tab and click Add Package.

  3. Add the Net2FTP package and hit Deploy.

  4. You now need to allow access for your IP. By default, net2ftp runs on port 8084. Go to the Server Firewall tab and add a rule with allow TCP on port 8084 for your IP and click Deploy.

  5. Go the the Server Overview tab and get the your server FQDN.

  6. Access the Net2FTP application on: https://<environment_fqdn>:8084