Key Deployment

This page covers the Key Deployment process

How to Deploy a Key to an Environment

Keys deployments refer to SSH Keys that are used by the application and not for server authentication. If your application needs plugins, bundles or modules that are stored in private repositories you can provide the keys using this deployment. Each key is a different entity so if you want to deploy a key pair you will have the select both the private and the public part.

In order to deploy a key to an environment you must first add the key as a resource. Please check Management Resources - SSH Keys for more details on adding key resources.

To deploy a key on an environment, go to the "Keys" section of the main environment page.

In the "SSH Keys" box, there will be a list of available keys that were previously added by accessing the "SSH Keys" page under "Environment Resources" in the main Bunnyshell side-bar. That is the only place where new keys can be added.

Select one or more keys in the "SSH Keys" box:

Hit to proceed. After the job is done, the newly deployed keys will be visible on the same page as follows:

Where are the Keys stored ?

After a deployment you can find the the deployed keys on the instance in /etc/ssh/keys/<name>. In order to change the location of the keys Bunnyconfigs can be used. Keys are not versioned on the instance so each new deployment will overwrite the existing keys.