Package Deployment

Bunnyshell supports provisioning of a number of open source tools such as PHP, Mysql, Apache, Nginx, MongoDB, etc. The provisioning can be done both at the second step of the environment creation (at the same time with the selection of the preferred operating system) and at any time after the creation of the environment.

The latter case can be accomplished by going to the "Package and Services" section of the main environment page. Depending on the initial creation parameters of the environment, the resulting page will either contain none, one or multiple packages that are already provisioned. In the example below, the test environment was provisioned at creation with the LAMP stack containing PHP, Apache and Mysql:

As can be noticed above, each package can be updated or removed using the interface. As an example, we take a look at the configuration options for Apache:

Here we can add one or more virtual hosts, additional modules or modify various settings. Once the changes are completed, they will be committed by hitting .

The package can also be removed using .