Environment Types

This page describes the environment types supported by Bunnyshell

Bunnyshell supports three environment types:

Single Instance Environment

This environment type consist of a single instance. The only deployment type available for this type of environment is 'All at once'. This environment type is suitable for:

  • Staging environment

  • Applications that don't have downtime at deployment

  • Applications that don't need to be scaled horizontally

The single instance has a floating IP attached so that disaster recovery is possible with minimum effort.

Load Balanced Environment

Load balanced environments consist of multiple instances that run behind a level 7 load balancer. This type of environment supports zero downtime deployments such as blue green deployment. The load balancer used is the native cloud load balancer resource. This environment is suitable for:

  • Production environments

  • Applications that can be scaled horizontally

  • High network traffic applications

  • Applications that need zero downtime at deployment type

Cluster Environment

A cluster environment contains multiple instances that are not behind a load balancer. The only deployment type available for this environment type is 'All at once'. Please note that like load balanced environment all instances usually to run the same application but in this case with different configurations. Use this type of environment in the following cases:

  • Applications that can be scaled horizontally.

  • Applications that don't need to be behind a load balancer

  • Applications that have a network based communication system