One Click Environments

One click environments are applications supported by Bunnyshell that can be launched very quick.

To get started, simply hit "One Click Apps" in the main sidebar under "Resources" and click on an application of your choosing. Use the right side panel to filter the results or directly enter the desired application in the search bar on the top of the page (we will go with Wordpress for this example).

In the application description page, hit to get started.

Give a name to your application, chose a server location and server instance size/type. On the right, you will notice the packages required for Wordpress to run. This section is composed of "Packages Secrets" and "Package Requirements". In this case, the packages are Mysql and Apache. As such, in the "Packages Secrets", the root password for Mysql must be specified.

Also, each package can be expanded for additional configuration.

Hit when ready and "View logs" on the top of the resulting page for real-time monitoring.