An access key is required in order to connect Bunnyshell with AWS. Assuming you already have an AWS account, follow these steps to generate a key and add it in your Bunnyshel account:
  1. Login to AWS Console & Search: IAM

2. Go to Users

3. Follow the “create user” Wizard:

a. Choose a “User name” & Select “Programmatic access”

b. Attach existing policies directly & Select AdministratorAccess

4. Use tags (if needed). Bunnyshell doesn’t require them.

5. Review and Create

6. Copy “access key id” & “secret access key” (please be aware that the secret access key will not be available after you’ll close this window)

7. Go to and select manage organization.

a. Connect accounts

8. Copy access key id & secret access key

Congratulations! you have now have connected your cloud subscription to Bunnyshell.