Am Application registration is required in order to connect Bunnyshell with Azure. Assuming you already have an account, follow these steps to generate a key and add it in your Bunnyshel account:

To connect with Azure we need to create a new active directory application registration and assign it the Contributor role. The information we need in order to connect with Bunnyshell is:

  • Application Id

  • Application Key

  • Directory Id

  • Subscription Id

  1. Create an Application Registration

Go to Azure Active Directory -> App registrations -> New Application Registration

Home -> Azure Active Directory
App registrations -> New registration

Enter the following configuration and click Create

Copy the Application Id and Directory Id

In this page go to Certificates & Secrets -> New client secret and enter the values for a new key:

  • Description: bunnyshell

  • Expires: never expires

  • The Value field will be displayed after saving the new key

Copy the Application key

The key will be displayed only once under "VALUE" so please make sure to copy it to a safe location.

2. Get the Subscription Id & Give the Contributor role for the newly created application registration

Go to subscriptions and click on your subscription.

Copy the Subscription Id and then go to Access Control (IAM) and click + Add -> Add role assignment

Enter the Role: Contributor At the Select field input the name with which you created the application at step 1. In this document we named our application registration bunnyshell.

Select the the application and click Save.

4. Enter the Application Id, Application Key, Directory Id and Subscription Id in the Bunnyshell interface:

  • From the main page, go to the cloud icon on the top right side and hit

  • Go to the Azure tab and introduce the 4 credentials in their respective fields then hit