Getting Started

Creating a Application

If you don't have any Servers you can use this method to quickly get you started, as it creates not only the Application but the required Server as well. If you already have a Server and don't want a new one, consider skipping to Creating an Application on an Existing Server.

Click on the top right Create button and choose Application. You ca choose to create a One Click Application or to deploy a Custom Application. Check out the list of supported One Click Applications:

Provide an Application Name and an Application Domain. If you leave the domain empty, Bunnyshell will assign a default domain. The new Application will be deployed to a new Server so you must add the Server Name as well.

All other fields such as location, disk and Server size are Server Settings. You can find a full description of these settings here:

To finish creating your application, you can leave the default settings, scroll down and hit Create Application. Now it's time to wait for the application to be deployed.

You will be redirected to the Server view and notified when the Application is ready. After the deployment is done, from the Server view click on the Applications tab. Next to your application you will find the domain associated with it. If you added a custom domain check out the guide on how to associate the domain with the Server Ip:

Creating an Application on an Existing Server

Bunnyshell supports multiple applications on the same Server. On the Server view select the Applications tab and click on Add new Application. You can choose between adding a Custom Application or a One Click Application.

If you want to add a Custom Application check the following reference page explaining all Application Settings

If you choose a One Click Application, Bunnyshell will check what packages are installed on your server and determine what else needs to be installed.

Remove an Application from a Servers

To remove an Application from a Server, from the Application View go to the Settings tags and click Remove Application button corresponding to the Server you want to remove the application from. This action will completely remove the application from the Server.

Next Steps

If you selected to use a One Click Application you may be interested in tools Bunnyshell offers you to help manage your Application:

If you have a Custom Application check how to deploy new versions: