Connect Repository with OAuth

Currently we support as webhook for the following repository providers:

  • GitLab

  • Bitbucket

  • Github

For deploy application webhook, if users pushes a branch which is the same as the set on application level in bunnyshell, then deploy action will trigger.

We do not support deploy on merge events

We do not support deploy on tag events

Connect Gitbub / Gitbal / Bitbucket

To connect any of them go to page https://cloud.bunnyshell.com/repositories/ and then press "Connect"

Create deploy application webhook

Add an application from repository to any environment.

Go to application settings page

Click "Create Deployment Webhook"

The webhook will trigger on push events. For the moment, we do not support other event types.

Will be deployed the branch/tag specified in application settings, not the repository branch/tag pushed.

For custom event, you can change them in Gitlab / Bitbucket / Github platform.

How to test / view deploy application webhooks


Go to application repository, webhook section

Click "test" and select "push events". Will trigger a post request,

Known issues:

Gitlab will report as failed if request takes more then 3 seconds, so you may see the request as failed, but in Bunnshell systems you will see the deploy action triggerd.


Go to Github application repository -> settings -> webhook

There is no "test" action, so you can test this.


Go to application -> settings -> webhook

There is no "test" button

Test the integration

  1. Add in Bunnyshell an application from Gitlab/ Bitbucket / Github

  2. From application settings, enable the Deploy Webhook

  3. Clone repository on your computer

  4. make some change, then push.

  5. Check in Repository provider the webhook request. if was triggered. Also you can see there the response

  6. Go to Bunnyshell, check application deploy is in progress


support push tag events

support merge events

Known issues

If an application deploy is in progress, and you push your code, the deploy action triggered by webhook will be ignored. Because of this, there are cases when the last code pushed will not be the same as the one deployed. This is on our roadmap and will be fixed.

All deployment actions will also create a backup for load balanced environment. This will be changed, so that the user can select what type of behaviour he wonts for a deployment webhook (with backup or not)