Control a specific system service

Services are processes that run on the server that have specific functions and are either part of the OS or of various applications installed on the OS. For example SSH is such a service.

With this resource, the specified service can be manipulated upon deployment.

Here are the template fields along with their description:

Service template fields


Action title

Give a custom name to the service template.

Service name

The name of the service control.

Enable plugin

Render the the script active or inactive upon deployment.

Service state

Chose between running and stopped.

Enable start at boot

Chose if the service is started at boot time or not.

Values are true and false.

Custom start command

Manually enter a command to start the service.

Custom restart command

Manually enter a command to restart the service.

Custom status command

Manually enter a command to show the status of the service.

Custom stop command

Manually enter a command to stop the service.

Service description

Enter an optional description about the service template.

Only on these servers

By default, actions are applied to all servers in your

Bunnyshell account. Select specific servers only if

you want to apply specific actions to specific servers.