Virtual Network

A Cloud Virtual Network closely resembles a traditional network that you'd operate in your own data center. Its purpose is to logically isolate instances in your cloud from the Internet.

When you connect your Cloud, Bunnyshell imports all your Virtual Networks and allows you to use and manage them.

If you don't have any Virtual Networks, you can create one or one will be created for you when you create your first Server.

Digital Ocean does not support adding Virtual Networks but they support a Private Network. In other words, instances from an account can communicate between each other with private IP addresses, while the private network is unreachable from the Internet.

Creating a Virtual Network

To create a Virtual Network go to OPS in the left menu, select Virtual Networks and click Create.

When you Create a Virtual Network, you have the following fields:

  • Name: The name of your Virtual Network

  • Location: The location of the Virtual Network. When you create new Servers and select a Subnet from this Virtual Network, this Location will be used for the Server.

  • Address space: CIDR block for your VPC. Based on your existing Virtual Network, Bunnyshell will propose a network space that does not collide with existing virtual networks

  • Default Subnet Name: A name for a Subnet that will be created in the new Virtual Network

When creating Virtual Networks, don't create address space collisions.

Removing a Virtual Network

In order to remove a Virtual Network go to OPS in the left menu, and select Virtual Networks.

Click on the Actions button and select Remove.

You will not be able to remove a Virtual Network if Servers are attached to it.