Getting Started

Creating a Web Server

To create a Web Server click on the top right Create button and choose Web Server.

To quickly create a Web Server and explore the Bunnyshell platform you need to input the Server Name, scroll down, hit the Create button and you're done!

For a complete overview of all Web Server settings you can checkout out this reference page:

You will be redirected to the Web Server view and notified when the creation and provisioning is done. By default Bunnyshell creates an empty Web Server which you can later provision.

To view the creation logs for a Web Server click on the green banner above. This will redirect you to the logs page where you can see what actions Bunnyshell is performing on your cloud.

After you created your Server you may want to access it via SSH. Here's a quick guide to do so:

Next Steps

The are various operations you can perform on your Server. Check out the following reference page for a complete overview of Server Operations.

Here are some step by step tutorials to start building web servers and use DevOps tools: