Backups for Internal Databases

Bunnyshell supports three types of backups:

  • Application Backup

  • External Database Backup

  • Internal Database Backup

Check out the Application and External Database backups here:

Packages that Support Backup

  • MySQL

  • MongoDB

Enabling and Disabling Internal databases Backups

When you install a package that supports backups, Bunnyshell enables the Backup option by default. You can choose to disable or enable the option from the Package Configuration View. See updating a package configuration. You will find a checkbox that can enable and disable backups. You need to do a package Deploy in order for the setting to take effect.

Will Disabling Backups remove my current backups

Yes. Disabling the Backup option will remove your current backups.

View Internal Databases Backups

You can access your Internal Databases Backups by going to the Server View and on Resources -> Backups. You can find here all Backups for all Applications and databases Packages installed on your Server.

Configuring Internal Databases Backups

From the Server View click on the Resources -> Backups tabs

You can update your backup preferences (they apply to both internal databases as well to application backups). You can configure the following fields:



Backup retention

How much time you want

to keep your backups for

Backup frequency

How often do you want the backup to run

Schedule Time

When do you want the

backup process to run.

We recommend changing this time

to night-time in your timezone

Running Manual Backups

You can run a manual backup from the Server View -> Resources -> Backups.

Under Take Backup select the database you want to backup and click on the Backup now button.

Restoring Backups on Internal Databases

You can restore a backup from the Server View -> Resources -> Backups.

Find the backup with the Typematching your database and click the Restore button from the actions icon in the right.