Troubleshoot Firewall Connection Issues

Troubleshoot Firewall Connection Issues

Cloud Firewalls are either network devices, or software that protects your servers from unwanted access. Some clouds block all access by default and some leave it accessible to the whole internet. Bunnyshell blocks all access for SSH and database ports, and whitelists your IP. If your IP changes, you may not be able to connect to your server anymore. Use the following guide to determine if you are blocked by the firewall when trying to access your server.

Check port access using the telnet command

telnet <ip> <port>

For example, if you can't connect to your server using SSH, check that you have access to the default SSH port 22:

telnet <server-ip> 22

In order to exit the telnet session, type CTRL + ] on your keyboard. This changes the command prompt to show as 'telnet>'. At this point you can write clone, quit or press Ctrl +d to exit.

Similarly, if you can't connect to your MySQL database, check that you can telnet to the default 3306 port.

telnet <mysql-database-ip> 3306

The same is available for your web server. If you can't reach your site, test if you are not blocked by the firewall. Use the following command to test against http:

telnet <my-website> 80

and for https:

telnet <my-website> 443